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Boost your brand and engage buyers with the most important platform for making beautiful, instinctive eCommerce sites. Enhance your transactions with your own striking website, built using eFusionWorld out-of-the-box Bigcommerce themes design and Page Builder, or use an innovative customization framework.

Custom BigCommerce Store Design

Completely customize your site with Page Builder

eFusionWorld’s BigCommerce instinctive Page Creator visual editor lets you modify your website’s look and feel without any coding needed. Or use BigCommerce’s finest theme framework to create a totally custom eCommerce shop with HTML, CSS, and standard code libraries.

Get up and running faster

Introduce your BigCommerce web store with the help of instinctive, drag-and-drop way out for building and handling page content. Design your stunning, custom website without depending on coding or web developers.

Take control of your brand

Gain full access to your brand and deliver clients with a unique shopping understanding. Make custom-made pages and turn buyers into repeat clients with new, compelling content.

Preview before you publish

Examine your modifications before introducing them in public. Navigate showing mode across devices just as you would on a quick storefront. You can apply your modifications right away, or protect them for later.

Stay agile and make quick changes

After introducing in the running site, building modernizes is stress-free than ever. Dive right back into page maker from your quick website, allowing quicker and more effective storefront organization from start to finish.

Drive mobile sales with responsive templates

Select from an extensive choice of wisely curated, fully responsive designs to give your brand an advantage over the rivalry. Our premium templates contain visually spectacular designs for all key industries and catalogue dimensions.

Build your site in half the time

Expending the website via fresh development tools like Web pack and Sass, the web developers have the choice to pick their desired development settings and languages. We offer a most important SaaS local development situation, so you can use your regular product catalog, rapidly check or make modifications, and preview your website on multiple screens of mobile, tablet, and desktop.

The use of virtual machine instructions or a runtime engine in combination with website authoring tools is not allowed or supported by BigCommerce.

Deliver a personalized shopping experience

Take part and transform your buyers with a custom-made website using a flexible integrated code base, provisional logic, and access to language files. The themes are completely combined with BigCommerce faceted search to support customers navigate your website.

Optimize your shoppers’ mobile experience

With very nearly equivalent traffic coming from mobile as from desktop, your online shop wants to leave the perfect impression on every scheme. eFusionWorld provides customized and fully responsive eCommerce templates that come fitted out with a mobile-optimized checkout. Plus, we provide eCommerce integration that natively fit in with PayPal and Apple Pay to expand your mobile translation.

Connect with ecommerce website design experts

Knock into BigCommerce’s global network of professional eCommerce designers and developers for the advantage of constructing your brand’s ultimate buying familiarity. As a BigCommerce certification partner, we process to make sure our experts fulfil all your needs for BigCommerce Web design & integration. As partners, we built eCommerce websites for some of the world’s most popular brands.

Top 4 BigCommerce Site Speed Solutions

The participating eCommerce site is building it increasingly stress-free for suppliers to put up to the tech-savvy shopper. With this prompt satisfaction at our fingertips, how do you make sure the items on your BigCommerce web store are seen?

The short response: show up! You can’t imagine clients to buy a bit that fails to load on your online store. In fact, 79% of shoppers who report unhappiness with website performance are less potential to purchase from that website again.

Custom Bigcommerce Templates

Decrease bounce rates and improve complete product prominence by escalating your BigCommerce website quickness. We’re distributing for a way out to battle a slow website speed and confirm your products are being seen.

4 BigCommerce Website Speed Solutions:

BigCommerce decreases average reaction time on their websites to one-third of a second, so you’re now advancing the turn just by existence on BigCommerce.

Tip: Track a Pingdom test assessment on your website. Pingdom is a remarkable free service that tracks an analysis of your website and lists the best load speed factors.

Here are 4 solutions to explaining BigCommerce Website Speed tests:

* Use accurate image dimensions

* Leverage automatic relays

* Use A Content Delivery Network (CDN):

* Avoid various third-party apps

  1. Use Accurate Image Dimensions:

Yet we love the full-width, eye-catching pictures design from our expert designers, latest holiday, your product pictures do not essential to be billboard-sized to impress clients. Keep the following strategies considered when resize your pictures on your BigCommerce website.


That’s how many “dots per inch” your pictures want to be shown appropriately on the web. In evaluation, printed pictures have need of 300dpi. Warning your pictures to 72dpi rises page load time and supports to avoid any loading issues.


This is the max pixel width permitted on your website. BigCommerce mentions this width (or smaller) for all of your imageries.


Make sure you’re using a BigCommerce theme tune or custom website design that is fully responsive for all screen sizes & compatible with all browsers. Having a responsive site is a standard ability these times. Responsiveness aids to shrink pictures as users shrink display size and benefits optimize your website for mobile.

Save Pictures in JPG Format:

However we like PNG files for saving pictures with transparent backgrounds, they’re truly big. We suggested using JPG files to keep your website clean and avoid a slow site speed.

JPG files compress PNG images to create them much in a small size without losing the photo quality. Your pictures will have a white background, which varieties for a perfect browsing familiarity.

BigCommerce Bonus:

BigCommerce automatically changes the size of your product pictures to appropriate in the product element and thumbnail areas of the website, so you don’t have to concern about uploading various forms of a similar picture.

  1. Leverage Automatic Relays

Perhaps you’ve newly restored your website to make some slick advanced categories classification or just received a massive inventory increase. In responsibility so, you may have given new name some of your category pages.

Normally, this may basis complications because definite products or subcategories may be linked with a prior category, and now they do not identify where to go. If this occurs, don’t fear that BigCommerce has you enclosed these things perfectly with automatic redirects.

On the other hand, if you occurred to modify that category label more than just the once, you’re now send-off a trail of redirects in your come round. A speedy and easy resolution needs checking out your website’s redirect page and concern a bit of maintenance.

Admin > Server Settings > 301 Redirects

Take benefit of the Active Link Redirect Type. This structure connects the old URL to a category (or product) within the management irrespective of where you select to point it next.

  1. Use A Content Delivery Network (CDN):

Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to copy all of your pictures and other fixed properties from your BigCommerce shop to numerous, universal data centres. Rather than having to contents these files from core data centres only, load your file & documents from the data centre that is situated close to where your customers are.

This utilities to allocate your pictures and other files as rapidly as likely to customers all over the biosphere. If you want to modify your web store’s design, make use of the Bigcommerce CDN. On the other hand, if you don’t feel peaceful customizing your web store’s design on your own, we recommend hiring a Certified BigCommerce Partner Organisation, like eFusionWorld, to support.

  1. Avoid Numerous Third-party Apps

When it arises to third-party apps and combinations, try not to save too much. Although we liking how BigCommerce offers a ton of requests to rise transformation, it’s significant to think that the more you use, the lower your BigCommerce website speed will be. This is because added extra apps need more code to load each and every single time your client’s connection around.

Pingdom may stretch you a hint of which apps are the major culprits at this time on your website. Be sure to think through how “heavyweight” an app is before compelling the plunge. Various apps have best buyer support that will assist in reply to your questions and maybe even provide a few advice of their private.


Increase your BigCommerce website speed (and your SEO) by applying these 4 resolutions. Our specialized team is glad to assist you leverage BigCommerce and support in the design and development of your online web store.

If you have any queries or would like to study more about how Channel can support your mid-market business grow well on BigCommerce Enterprise, contact us through the form below. A member of our expert team will be in touch!

BigCommerce Design Tips For Better eCommerce Websites

Every single component on your website, from product pictures to set menus that show best business role in a visitor’s choice whether or not to purchase your items. Here are our best custom BigCommerce website design guidelines to advantage your eCommerce store attract and convert more.

Bigcommerce Website Design

  • Hold onto Your BigCommerce Design Creative and Well Organize –

Just because your web store is working, doesn’t mean you can organize your products randomly. The reason for the large experience you want your consumers to have when they visit your online store. If you manage your products into appropriate categories, consumers can definitely understand the different product categories you offer and discover out which products are now on sale.

  • Create Your BigCommerce Website Easy to Navigate –

The menu is one of the most significant portions of your online store. Its advantage customers get from one page to the next page, which highlights why an instinctive structure navigation menu is so dynamic.

Avoid additional links in the key menu and as an alternative option for a drop-down or a mega menu that will let you add extra contacts that lead to a number of product categories. Additional effective way to help the navigation around your website is to use a fly-out menu that gives the idea on hover.

  • Create It Easy to Get in Touch –

There are eras where your customers may have requests for a particular product or payment methods. Make sure they can simply find your contact and get in touch with you. That tactic you can answer their requests and support them come to an ordering decision.

  • Increase Customer Reviews –

According to study, 60 to 70% of online buyers read customer reviews before ordering a product. Customer reviews can advantage you drive sales and improve conversion rates. That’s because potential buyers will be motivated to buy if they realize other individuals have been happy with the same product. In fact, adding buyer reviews could increase your conversion rate by as much as 5%.

  • Usage a Search Bar –

Some of your visitors or buyers may already have a product in mind when they come to your online store. If that product isn’t immediately viewed on your main page, those visitors will more than likely want to search for it and if they can’t discover a way to find, they will go anywhere else.

Don’t leave this one up to chance and expect they will use a navigation menu to look for it. They don’t want to stroll from one category to the next category, they want to views if you have the product or not. Make sure you add a search bar to your online store so that it’s always noticeable.

  • Add Excellent Quality Images –

One of the major alterations between an online store and a physical shop is the fact that online buyers can’t touch the products nor try them on to get a feel for them. As an alternative, you have to rely on your product images to express how the product views.

The product pictures used on your online store should be of high-quality, without any blurriness that would destruct the insight. Think through making a gallery for each product so buyers can easily view the item from a number of perspectives and either show it as it’s being used or as it’s worn out.

  • Make simpler The Checkout Process –

One of the leading reasons for a high cart leaving behind rate is the extensive and difficult checkout process. Fortunately, BigCommerce has an integrated one-page checkout that can do miracles for your conversion rates. You can make things easier the checkout experience by allowing your visitors to check out as buyers.

The alternative way to make things easier the checkout manner is to ask only for required customer information and no more. If you’re sales digital items, do away with fields that request for the shipping address as it’s not compulsory.

  • Optimize Your Online Store for with Mobile Responsive –

Additional essential tip to keep in mind is to make sure your online shop is optimized for mobile devices. This goes beyond having a fully responsive theme. It consists of creating sure your pictures scales nicely on smaller displays as well as your form fields. This creates it laid-back for your customers to click the right field and fill it out.

Use of Big Commerce’s integrated features for mobile shopping and add mobile payout for your online store. This will create it stress-free to pay for your shopping items using Apple Pay or PayPal One Touch and it can increase your transformations by up to 12%.

  • Choose a Responsive BigCommerce Theme –

In a straight line with the tip above, it goes devoid of saying that your theme should be quick to respond for all screen size but it should also be designed with eCommerce websites idea in mind. Fortunately, there is no excess of premium BigCommerce themes that have all the required structures: from mega-menus to product showings pass through a filter option.

  • Increase Performances of Product Previews –

A great technique to increase the online buying knowledge for your customers is to allow the product displays or fast view. This agrees them to just click on any product items and immediately get the description, images, price, and same product information in details with pops up image.

They don’t have to hit on to the particular product page which protects them time, especially if they are in a urgency and want to quickly take an appearance at what you have to deal.

  • Plan Your Online Web Store Policies –

When your visitors have spent some time surfing your online web store and are set to buy, they want to distinguish what your shipment and return guidelines are. If you don’t arrange for them with an easy mode to discover that information, they may give up on the buying, especially if you make it hard to the connection you on top of that.

Explain this difficult by assigning the links in your key navigation menu that hints them to a web page which visibly clarifies where your shipment, which delivery ways are used, and how your method returns. Otherwise, think through creating an FAQ page that replies these queries.

  • Display Shipment charges Upfront –

An additional study expresses that delivery charges exposed too late are a vast element that gives to high cart leaving behind rates. In its place of presenting them at the very end, make sure that your customers can realize the Shipment charges calculated into the ultimate price of the product.

You can add a Shipment calculator under the product that provides customers the possibility to estimate the ultimate cost before going to the final checkout. This will arrange them for what they can think once they make sure of checkout and avoid unfriendly revelations.

  • Integrate Your Branding Regularly –

If you want to kind assure your online web store standout from your challenges, make sure to integrate your branding features into your online web store. Start with adding your online store’s logo and a favicon so your customers can directly know your web store in their bookmark division or on social media.

Improve your main brand color to origins like the navigation main menu, buttons, and links to keep the appearance and touch consistently. Looking at your brand features all over your online store will help build confidence in your customers.

  • Keep “Add to Cart” Noticeable –

The best significant component on your online store is the Buy Now or Add to Cart button. It should be noticeable and easy to great from other components. It’s worth it to extra compensation responsiveness to the button design, as a superior design will transform more sales.

Use a custom different color that will benefit the button standout. Also, make sure it’s huge enough on all screen sizes so your mobile customers can click the button without any pinching or zooming required.

  • Let buyers Filter Products Rapidly –

A different time-saving tip that will increase the buying familiarity is to allow buyers to filter through your items, mainly when it approaches colors or sizes. Even clarifying through product type is the best way to comfort them save time and easily find the favorite product they want.

This will support you reduce the obstruction of finding out the item is not exist in their desired color or size after they definite to buy it and are set to check out.

  • Improve Confidence Impresses to Your BigCommerce Store –

People can be uncertain when it comes to buying online. One of their key points is whether or not they can confident your online store with searching information. You can straightway to progress your customer’s confident by adding trust covers to your online store.

This will help make sure them that all the dealings are managed securely and their personal information and credit card will not wind up in the hands of scammers or hackers. Logos from recognized safe keeping concerned with brands like McAfee Secure, VeriSign, Trusted or BBB are frequently used on eCommerce websites to build confidence.

  • Keep Your Copy Short And To The Point –

When it arises to your online store’s copy, it’s essential to share information about your it, but keep in mind that your buyers won’t read an entire text of the page. In its place, concentration on using short subsections and gunshot to high point the product’s best essential features.

This will create your separate product pages appearance more pretty and allow buyers to rapidly discovery valuing information.

A perfect BigCommerce website design is important for converting visitors into customers. It supports you found your brand and build confidence. It also comforts buyers have a smooth buying experience the perfect while they’re on your website. Use the BigCommerce web design guidelines above to expand your eCommerce web store and be assured to check out eFusionWorld eCommerce website designs portfolio if you’re just getting started with online store setup. Best of luck!


A perfect BigCommerce website design is important for converting visitors into customers. It supports you found your brand and build confidence. It also comforts buyers have a smooth buying experience the perfect while they’re on your website. Use the BigCommerce web design guidelines above to expand your eCommerce web store and be assured to check out eFusionWorld eCommerce website designs portfolio if you’re just getting started with online store setup. Best of luck!

Our Bigcommerce Store Design Services

BigCommerce is a one-stop solution if you are looking for a completely functional online store to sell either digital or physical products. Simply put: BigCommerce makes it easy to create a successful online store with all the features needed. With BigCommerce, everything is easily manageable from product upload to order fulfillment without any technical complexity.

Our BigCommerce developers are experienced in providing exceptional BigCommerce Development Services, whether it’s for a startup eCommerce store or a large ecommerce enterprise.

BigCommerce Theme Setup Service:

Looking for a quick BigCommerce site using a template? We will setup the best template for your site from BigCommerce theme store.

Custom BigCommerce Theme Design:

We can provide you a custom designed BigCommerce site as per your brand. Sometimes the ready made themes are not sufficient for your site so custom design site works best. We design mock-ups in this and do the site based on that.

Wholesale Solution:

Are you looking for a site where you can sell products to your wholesale customers as well? We can setup that for you using BigCommerce wholesale solution.

Go Mobile Using Responsive Design?

It has been proved recently that more than 50% of customers like to buy from their smartphones. You cannot avoid these customers. We provide responsive design service for your Shopify site so that your customers can browse the site in their mobile phones easily to buy and it increase the buyer experience.

Single Point of Contact:

We assign a project manager for each client who will be your single point of contact and responsible for all the communication with you. He will be in touch with you till end of job and also after that as well. Our Project Managers are well trained and are easily reachable by Skype, phone or email. No matter what the size of the job, communication will be equal for all clients.

BigCommerce SEO:

Having a site is not enough these days. A successful site is always followed by a strong marketing campaign. We provide SEO services for BigCommerce websites. Our well-structured SEO process helps your BigCommerce website to rank higher in search engines and get you more sales.

Bigcommerce: A Scalable And Powerful Ecommerce Solution

Bigcommerce is the scalable ecommerce solution which helps in growing brands faster. Most of the retailers chose Bigcommerce Design over other solutions in market. It’s a power booster for the success for the starters. Choose eFusionworld for stunning storefront templates, market leading selling tools and many other things.Bigcommerce Website DesignCustom Bigcommerce Store Design Templates makes it easy to establish a beautiful and indulging shopping experience. Your store will not only look good but by latest features and other options you can elevate sales of your online business.

Mobile responsiveness is always part of our templates, which helps in performing equally well on desktops, tablets and mobile phones without any extra coding or design work. eFusionworld also offers various options particularly search feature which enables filtering by product option to improve conversion.

We have all the current features and best practices you need to elevate sales whether you are using a theme or developing a custom site. You can increase your conversion rate up to 12% by our mobile optimized – single page checkout.

Thus, you can build a beautiful store with powerful tools to optimize shipping, payment and more in minutes.

User Friendly & Mobile Responsive Bigcommerce Store Design

Latest trend in shopping nowadays is towards Ecommerce. Selecting a right Ecommerce store design is most important first step you can take towards having your own web-store.  Only a perfect platform will yield in higher conversion resulting a long term success.

Bigcommerce Website Designer

Bigcommerce Store Design includes core functionality and are established with robust features. Bigcommerce is scalable solution provide you with flexibility to expand your business as needed. Design of your store is as important as the functionality. Well designed

Ecommerce store design reflects a message of trustworthiness and professionalism to the buyers.

To attract and appeal customers, eFusionWorld can provide services such as Custom Bigcommerce Designs. Your success is our success, so it is very important for us not only to provide designs but also to launch your Big-commerce website by providing you proper Ecommerce WebStore Solutions, which help you in acquiring new customers once your new web store gets launch.

EFusionWorld provides not only “smart” designs but also incorporates newest Bigcommerce Website Designs with responsive and mobile friendly layouts.

7 Benefits Of LIVE Support Assistance!

Live support

Our eFusionWorld team has created a real time educating blog post on how bigcommerce sellers or any other online seller can be benefitted by live support feature. The basic idea behind live support assistance is to satisfy customer regarding their query or complains.

When you crawl a bigcommerce site to purchase your required stuff, you need a help with that and wish anyone could guide you through the process. Suddenly a shop assistant jumps to help you. Isn’t it amazing? How relived you feel at that time?

How online support or assistance help buyers physiologically? Well, they help in many ways; it can be in the form of live chat, a contact number, an email or a toll free number. A buyer feels relaxed when he is assured that someone will resolve their problems before or after sales if any.

If the buyer is satisfied with support assistance offered at your site your success is guaranteed.

Hence, let us check the 7 benefits of live assistance that guarantees success to a bigcommerce site.

Buyer is Happy

No matter what, a buyer wants his/her problems to be solved as soon as possible. If you do so on time and quickly the buyer is happy. This is what live support does, making the overall shopping experience of the buyer effortless.

Live Support is Proactive

Actually live support doesn’t require anything from your buyer. They neither need to write any email or keep waiting on call. They just need to address their query to the support assistance and get it resolved.

Live Support gives you maximum engagement with buyer

Yes, live support maximizes your chances of maximum conversation at every single query arising with the buyer. It is fast and practical giving you every opportunity to answer buyer’s questions and get in touch with them more.

More engagement with the buyers. How?

1)  By initiating talks with your buyer regarding their issues anytime
2)  By assisting buyers at the most critical step of purchase
3)  By detecting problematic areas of their purchase

A surprising benefit emerging out of this is – you will minimize buyer fleeing away rate. That means you can prevent buyer from cancelling their purchase by assisting them in their purchase process with live support.

Live Supports reinstates Trust factor

Live chat or live video calling gives you an identity. It helps buyers also to recognize you easily on any sales platform. One on one interaction between buyers and sellers strengthen the bond between them.

It is cost effective

Setting up a Live support assessment unit is not a rocket science and nor does it requires huge investment like other popular brands does. You save time, money & energy through a hands-on consumer’s live support cell.

Live support can get you Positive feedback

A happy buyer will always give you a positive feedback if his/her issues are addresses properly and immediately. These feeds can be used to improve user experiences on your site. These positive feeds will ultimately act as a guide to other buyers.

Live support enhances buyer’s experience

Buyers will gain access to use this particular feature anytime, anywhere they want. This will show your presence round the clock available all the time.

Consistency in online business always pays, giving your bigcommerce site a competitive edge. By giving instance support to buyers the bar of your customer service standards will sky-high and buyers shopping experience will also be enriched.

eFusionWorld is widely applauded designing company to give its buyers world class live support assistance 24×7 online.

Contact eFusionWorld for custom bigcommerce website design to increase positive feedbacks, sales and strong online recognition.

You can browse our portfolio to see our advanced bigcommerce web design. Don’t forget to find us on facebook & twitter.

Visitor Leaves your Website: Reasons Explained – Part 4

11) Product Benefits – Not Clear

Product will sell only when the features of the products are convincing enough, this will automatically sell the product. Let us study this with an example. See the below image.

bigcommerce web design
Which one would you prefer? See the intelligence used in the product marketing. The buyers did not cared about storage capacity but were excited to carry 1000 songs with them where ever they go. This pitched the buyers and rest is the history.

12) Encourage buyers to buy

As discussed earlier brilliant call to action are a must for any website. It urges the visitor to take an immediate action either to buy, to call, to mail or to click. Many small B2B sites fail to deliver such an action and lose their part of sales.

CTA’s are the vital vitamins for your sales and business at large they not only sell but also connects you with your buyer in different manner.

13) When your products don’t deliver what you promised

Imagine you are searching about cars and end up on a computer spare parts website. How embarrassing would it be? This exactly happens with your buyers when your promise and fail to deliver.

Visitor visits your landing page, email, newsletter etc. praising himself to have found a perfect solution and gets redirected to your site. When they come they get disappointed with what they see and click the back button.

Remember, don’t promise what you cannot deliver it will create a negative image in buyers mind.

14) Unresponsive Website

3 out of 5 purchases are transacted through mobile; that means mobile shopping contributes to 60% and you cannot afford to lose even a bit of that 60%. If your bigcommerce web design is not mobile optimized you can lose a heavy part of sales made on mobile devices. And not only sales but organic search performed through mobiles gadgets every second worldwide.

Well, addressing these issues will definitely enrich user experience and site performance at large. But these are only some of the factors responsible.

Concluding the 14 reasons that tempt visitor to run away from your website we hope that you might have grabbed the importance of each aspect of your website.

Contact efusionworld USA, for new bigcommerce web design or customized website as well as ecommerce solutions to get more sales, organic traffic and search rankings.

Custom Designs Can Cut-off Reasons To Leave Site – Part 3

custom bigcommerce design

7) Lengthy Registration process is the biggest obstruction

Ask for yourself do you like filling up a lengthy registration form at a point when you are about to finish the purchase process. Nobody does.

80% small volume purchase transactions are abandoned at last moment due to registration process. Does that mean you shall not pin up a registration form? No, you can but put only necessary fields.

You can also opt for custom bigcommerce design where you can only include necessary and relevant fields in the form to make it short, less annoying & simple. It shall not exceed more than 4 to 5 steps.

8) Brand Identity is equally important

Your brand personality matters a lot when you are expanding your business globally. Uniformity shall be maintained throughout the website whether operating in home ground or overseas.

Well, brands behave differently in different regions simultaneously establishing a strong bond with the buyer. If your website fails to connect with buyers your sales will suffer.

Hence, a brand must be trustworthy to strong hold the buyer immaterial of the region. A trusted brand name always works.

9) Website Loading Time – Another Cat to bell

Put your website load time analyzing task above all in your to-do list. Why? A visitor will stay only when he/she sees something on the computer screen. Try yourself. Open a website and calculate how much time it took to load.

Was it fast enough? If No, then how much time did you spent waiting for the site to load fully. Were you patient enough throughout the waiting period? Answer these questions and you will get the solution on how to optimize your site to load faster.

Interesting stats on website performance (figures are purely based on research & study)

40% visitors wait only 7 seconds for the site to load, the next second they switch over

87% visitors expect the site to load in only 3 seconds.

Even 1 second delay in the expected loading time will give a negative feedback.

4 out of 10 buyers cancel purchase at the final step. You know why? Because the page didn’t showed up in 2 second. Higher than the average divorce rate in USA.

10) Dear Seller, it’s not working

Designing a convincing offer is good, but is it worth and appealing your buyers. Study the traffic patterns where you see heavy traffic arriving on your site, but the conversion ratio is less and they are bouncing back. Why is it so?

It is because buyers aren’t attracted towards what you are offering. Include high Call-to-Action button to represent your offers so that buyers know what they need to do next.

A custom bigcommerce design compared to ready built web templates provide better CTA’s and appeal more to the visitors.

Concluded in the next part. Continue Reading Part – 4

Reason Why Visitors Leave Your Bigcommerce Site – Part 2

bigcommerce website designer
4) Don’t welcome visitors with ads

Websites build on ad display models will overwhelm visitors unless your sole motive is to display ads and nothing else. Visitors get easily frustrated with too much ads and everybody knows this.

What happens with too much ads?

  • Ads will easily distract visitors from your products or service
  • They might also carry away your visitor to their site
  • Visitor will get irritated soon
  • Ads will load faster than website

It is advisable to restrict ads at certain limit. Study other successful websites & gain some idea how they have managed the ads section.

You can also take professional bigcommerce website designer advice on ads section while designing new site or refurbishing old website.

To drive online traffic on the site trust is the vital component so, keep these in mind

  • Limit number of ads on the website
  • Define exact location of the ads
  • They must not distract the visitor
  • Visitor shall not see the ads first, Follow this strictly
  • Ads shall not take on more space on the site
  • Your actual content shall not be sidelined compared to ads

5) Auto-Play Videos & Audios

Auto playing audios and videos are same as the ads that tend visitors to go away. You want believe a visitor will click the back button of your website faster than your auto play video/audio.

Hence, let your visitor choose what to play and what not to? Let them consume their online data in their own way. Those having unlimited speed and data will not get affected, but tech savvy buyers will blast at you if their data is consumed without any reason.

6) Poor Navigation Structure

Everyone has experienced this problem once or more in their lifetime. To understand the problem we need to get clear idea about the mechanism of navigation on your website.

Why navigation is so important?

A proper navigation structure helps to find exact information in an organized manner to find required information.

Think you are blindfolded and left in a maze. The same situation is with the buyer. You leave him/her in a never ending poorly designed navigation options.

What can be done?

Think as a buyer for an instance, research your own site and sort out the loop holes you face while you are using your website. This way you will stop losing your visitors.

If you are not confident enough to restructure your navigation links and contents then take help of expert bigcommerce website designer. They will spot the trouble spots for you. Asking for an expert’s help is less expensive than trailing potential purchasers.

Concluded in the next part. Continue Reading Part – 3