Why Visitor Leave Your Bigcommerce Website – Part 1

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You have pen down some really interesting piece of write ups on your Bigcommerce website and have uploaded great product images. Your overall Bigcommerce web design look is appealing as well as attracting the visitor.

You have hired experts to rank your site in prominent search engines and also getting manageable traffic. Last but not the least one, you also somehow managed to convert these visitors to buyers to mint some real cash.

After all these exercise why is it so that only few of the visitors convert in buyers and rest of them fly away?

Have you ever thought of the factors what tempts them to go away from your site? In this blog post we will discuss various factors related to the topic in parts.

Maintaining higher conversion rate really needs expertise and a combination of skills. If you have problem stabilizing buyers on your website then look for one of the following reasons.

Reasons why people dump your site?

1) Outdated Designs

Whether it is a book or a product, the normal human tendency and a research study has revealed the truth that we all purchase them by being attracted towards its packing.

The same theory lies with your Bigcommerce web design, but in a positive manner. If your design are outdated and unfriendly your visitor want proceed any more with you. He/she will immediately turn you down.

Hence an attractive design matters the most. If your site makes your visitors sick then it’s time for a redesign.

2) Readability of your content

Designing is not the only factor that can give you enough traffic, your content shall be readable enough and easy to understand so that a non technical person or a newbie to internet is comfortable to grab the central idea of your service or products.

Avoid these things while designing content

  • Large fonts with dark colors
  • Large fonts with highlighted colors
  • Over sized fonts
  • Uneven font size & font types

There are no specified rules for using fonts; it depends on the trend prevailing in the industry.

3) Outdated Plugins & Add-ons

Do not leave your visitor vulnerable towards these outdated Plugins & Add-ons because they want spare extra time to update them every now and then. Extra time term is used because waiting period also counts with updating time of the visitor.

Instead of using flash players use HTML5 of videos & animations. They are highly recommended by developers & designers universally.

Concluded in the next part. Continue Reading Part – 2

2015 Bigcommerce Trends To Increase Conversions On Mobiles Search

The year 2015 is bringing in some new bigcommerce website design trends that is increasing conversions on smart phone search. Read more about how you can increase your conversion ratio through search induced on your mobile devices.
bigcommerce website design
Smartphones have become an essential part of our life and ecommerce is not spared from its effect. A study has revealed that for following reasons buyers use their mobile devices.

  1. Browse & shop online
  2. Compare product price & reviews
  3. Search specific products
  4. No physical presence while shopping
  5. Save time & energy & much more

On other hand the consumer behavior has also changed overtime creating both opportunities & challenges. Tech savvy sellers are in a rundown to earn revenue using every single pixel. Mobile device is not spared in this marathon in any way.

Mobile optimized shopping experience is an exclusive method to develop the mobile commerce. It can be done through mobile responsive designs. But responsiveness of a design is not all about; it must convert visitors into buyers.

Why Mobile Commerce?

  • Mobile commerce is technology driven
  • Very small screen to feature offering advantages to the sellers & buyers both
  • Helps to make small and big purchase transactions
  • Enrich shopping efficiency
  • Reviews and ratings helps to make purchase decision
  • Browse other informations
  • Exclusive search with product model number and lots more

Smartphone buyers or even big screen buyers they look for certain range of products or a particular product of its kind. And because of this they have approached you. Well, extensive product search function can alone build heavy traffic.

This is the reason why sellers give more importance to search whether induced by smartphones or laptops or desktops or any media device.

Tips to increase conversions through Mobile Search

  • Your search result page must be answerable enough to solve buyers query
  • Input clickable contact details so that buyer can easily get on touch with seller
  • Buyers use short abbreviations and short terms to search so use them as much as possible while drafting search page designs
  • Place the search box in a visible place where it can be easily spotted

By 2018 it is estimated that mobile transactions will exceed upto 80% of all online transactions. It is very important to know how a mobile shopper uses his/her device to shop. This will cater necessary information on future designing process.

Buyers’ Mindset – Understand It To Make A Strategy

Well, here you will come across some more amazing Bigcommerce Customer shopping stats. It might help you to reframe your strategies.
Custom Bigcommerce Design

Gender makes difference

Study reveals that males are more likely to leave their shopping cart than females. This number grows upto 47% provided there are sufficient serious or silly reasons.

Ages from 23 to 40 are worst shoppers online with high probability to go away without any purchase.

42.9 % females need more information to buy 1 product at a time. 98% sellers say it is easy to convince a female than a male. This is truly opposite & amazing.

You will not believe 1.5 out of 10 buyers are window shoppers that means 15% online buyers are just at your store for no reasons. These types of buyers increase an average footfall in your store.

52% buyers both male and females are cost conscious while buying online. They refer 3 out of 5 stores before they purchase from you.

Marketing Materials

They can be newsletters, e-brochures, helpful tips related to product or services they offer. But exactly do buyers require them in their mails?

Well, 55% buyers say NO and 90% online sellers believe it is a must thing to lure customers. Today you realized the truth. Many retailers don’t inform about auto adding the buyers for these marketing mails. Many end up in “SPAM” land.

E-coupons are good to attract and tempt buyers to purchase again and again. How many of them use it? The actual fact is only 24% uses coupons and deals offered online. Other 76% are not interested or no use to them.

89% buyers ask for discounts. They may wrap up the purchase process if seller has nothing to offer them in return. They say it’s just give & take.

Shipping & Payments

50% buyers are not interested to buy from you because of either high cost shipping or not offering free shipping. Everyone wants their product to be shipped at seller’s expense.

22% buyers prefer same day delivery of their purchase & 76% are comfortable if their purchase is delivered within a week. Rest 2% are least bothered about delivery conditions.

Buyers’ make 40% repeat purchase from a single store if they offer more than 1 payment option. 65% will discard the shopping process if they don’t find their preferred payment method on your store.

Being a seller you might have come across many of the situations mentioned above. You can avoid all these barriers if you wish. How? Contact us and ask for a custom bigcommerce design that has every single feature to grab more sales & visitors.

You can mail us your requirements too; we can discuss them in detail.

Buyers’ Psychology – Everything You Need To Know

Read some interesting facts & stats about the mind set of your Bigcommerce Customer
bigcommerce design

Speed matters a lot

60% of online buyers will abandon your store if the store design is not loading speedily. The actual mechanism lies in “How smartly the store is designed”.

75% of buyers will never return to your store once you lost them. A custom bigcommerce design has that potentiality to do.

The Design

A buyer upon arriving at the store scans the entire page in less than 1 minute and makes the decision whether to purchase or not. Those 60 Seconds are the defining one.

90% buyers buying decision is influenced with graphical presentation on the store.

You tend to sale 68% more than others if you include multiple products, videos, HD images on your stores.

2 out of 10 products sold are cited to be returned due to very uncommon reasons like “it is not what I ordered”

90% buyers agreed on buying a product when they watched the demo video of the product.

45% buyers stay longer on your store if you enable them high quality images or videos.

67% buyers select your store to buy second time if you give them best demo of the product they are buying.

The Feedbacks

89% buyers prefer to read other buyers review before making a purchase online.

80% takes the review on personal note and decides whether to purchase from you or not.

Online buyers if they are making a decision to purchase any product, they will read more than 8 similar product reviews. They will atleast search 3 to 4 similar stores to read more of them.

Why an order gets canceled?

36% buyers cancel their order because of hidden cost which is revealed afterwards.

Registration headache is the 2nd largest turn off factor where more than 39% buyers switch over to your competitors. 10% turn off is responsible due to uncertain delivery details.

8.9% due to “NO Contact details” & 2% due to other reasons.

Buyers get frustrated because 50% ecommerce sellers repeatedly ask for same information which is provided by the buyer just a couple of minutes ago.

Well, search for yourself in which category do you fall. Ask whether you are having a custom bigcommerce design for your online store? If yes then where you lack? If no, then what is the reason of not having one?

Stay tuned to the blog series because we have lot more interesting facts and figures to come.

Importance of A Remarkable Bigcommerce Web Design

1) Skillful Marketing

When you ace the art of tempting buyers to buy from your store instead of others, when there are tough competitors selling the same products – YOU are a smart Seller.
bigcommerce design
Ecommerce is flooded with sellers, vendors, buyers, products, SEO experts, marketing & designing professionals hardly leaving any stone unturned in any of the area mentioned above. Now, in this situation you need to be cleverer in attracting buyers to your store and make them buy. Is it possible?

Off course, your web store design will speak to the buyer about your products, business, services standards and all those you offer to them.

If you fail to make a good impression, your buyer will turn off immediately. Hence designs are razor sharp marketing tools that can influence buyers’ decision.

2) Customer Satisfaction

Your professional approach towards your buyer & vendors determine whether you are a genuine seller or just an amateurish junkyard sale developer. Customer grievances regarding your products and services must be addresses quickly & rightly.

If these complaints increase then your store ratings are certainly to go down. With increasing number of sellers online you need to be very careful with even a single negative reply.

Draft a practical customer oriented service policy and stick to it. You will see results soon.

3) Web Designs & Layouts

Importances of simple Bigcommerce Web Design layouts were experienced when buyers got frustrated with complex designs. Remember, if buyers don’t find what they are searching for they will never resume to your store again.

Complex yet user friendly designs are not a problem now a days, you have good designers to do the job.

A beautiful design must be creatively build & intelligently coded to make your overall online presence meaningful.

Quick Facts at a glance

  • Plan a flexible budget, there are free offers in the market but don’t fall prey to them
  • Always go for quality designs instead of cheap offers
  • Do some online researches for designers, products, vendors, design companies etc.
  • Keep your stuff simple, it will help buyers to easily understand. All these are worth increasing sales

Keep following our blogs to get sales worthy tips & techniques that every online seller is practicing. You can also visit us to see what other services we offer.

8 Basics For A First Time Seller

We have entered the golden period of online business where internet has redefined the definition of business. It has become easier to launch & promote an online business, selling online goods and delivering them to local and international clients.
An online seller is now facilitated more with various sales platforms, designer templates, ecommerce sales tools and much more to grow his/her business.

Well, an online business is not a piece of cake anyway. Whether it is a website or an ecommerce store, it has several components that needs to be carefully executed otherwise you can crash land before a swift ride.

Today we will discuss 8 basic things that are to be taken care of when you plan an online store. Let’s see what they are:

#1 Identify Potential Customers
Before all the calculations, you have to identify whom you are going to sell? How will build your customer base? Ok let us make it easy for you. Ask a simple question to your self – Who will buy from me? Actually customers are categorized in various group like male, female, kids, teens, senior citizens, industries, small & big companies and so on.

The categorization of ideal customers will help you plan your product, marketing strategies & branding techniques.

Try to evaluate the requirements of this group with some basic questions like what exactly they need? Do they spend less or more? What type of people they are? You will get a clear picture of your would be customers.

This information will help you formulate important strategies in future.

#2 Why should they buy from you & not from others?
After precisely identifying customer group you will have to plan a unique selling point (USP) that will differentiate your product, business & brand from your competitors. You need to dig

“What you have that your competitors don’t have?”

There are and will be many sellers selling similar products or services. Why customers must buy from you instead of others selling the same?

Think from a customer point of view. Low cost, product quality, after sales services, unique product lines can give you great sales figures. Exhume such factors to sell more.

#3 Plan a business structure
There are distinct methods to do an online business. You can opt for individual trading, sole entrepreneur and partnership firm or incorporate a company itself. It depends on you, the country from where you will operate and those regions where you will sell.

Business plans shall not exclude local & international laws, because overlooking them might put you in serious consequences. Here you can take help of expert business consultants too.

#4 What is there in NAME?
If you are an online seller, everything is there in the name itself. You cannot speak to customers in the first instance; it is your brand name that will decide whether a buyer stays or flies away.

Brand name must be catchy, with a tagline, short enough to remember & rhyme-tic so that it is easily recognized.

Take help of professionals to do the job and come up with best possible, short phrase name.

#5 Select Best Sales Channel
Thanks to the entrepreneurs, today we have multiple online sales platforms out of which Bigcommerce is the most happening one for new sellers. It offers flexibility, great user interface, & variety of functions to help first time sellers to boost their confidence.

You can also go for custom bigcommerce templates service offered by designers at a very low cost to decorate your store. You can go with other options too available out there that suits better with your store. Do some research and get started.

#6 Payment Metho
Be flexible with payment methods. There are sellers who refer only PayPal or other popular services. Try and incorporate visa, MasterCard, bank transfer, debit & credit cards along with PayPal.

It depends on the sales channel that you subscribe with, what payment methods they opt for

#7 Marketing – A Mammoth Task
Online marketing is a complex, unpredictable & a risky business. Don’t panic, we didn’t meant to either. Once you open a store online you need to do marketing and attract visitors. Merely attracting visitors want do, you also need to convert visitors into buyers. How?

Prepare a marketing policy on how you will appear in front of your customers, your first impression will determine visitor to click across your store. SEO methods comprise of several online marketing formulas that kick start your sales. You can do these all by yourself, but appoint a professional to do it atleast in the beginning.

There are many online marketing service rendering companies & freelancers to do your job.

#8 A Great User Experience
Imagine if it was a physical shop instead of a virtual online store, what ambience you would offer to your customer. A good shopping atmosphere is the biggest USP of your online store. A slight sense of uncomfort will upset the buyer and urge him/her to switch over to someone else.

How this can be figured out? Let’s say you have a decent bigcommerce store, how will you increase you sales, conversion ratio, search rankings & online visibility? You need to worry, because there are more factors to look after apart from those mentioned here.

Well, this is not the scenario with custom bigcommerce templates. With these templates you can ace everything from sales to store visibility. Customized template designs are amicable enough to ease buying discomforts & give buyers an excellent shopping experience saving their time & your expenditure.

These customized templates are fully featured to perform in every aspect like marketing, branding, attracting visitors, payments, user friendly interface & over all dragging massive online traffic to your store.

Follow our blog post to know more on this series.