Criteria To Measure The ROI of A Website

What significant impact ROI has on your bottom-line? Endless effort and money you spend developing your new website means nothing if you can’t achieve positive ROI at the end.

The Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel
The comparison between the amount which you invested and the return, as well as the profit you gain on your investment, will give you ROI. In short, when you divide the net gain on the amount which you invested will give ROI – Return on investment.

Website Design ROIIt really depends on how much your website can cost, from DIY tools which can cost you as little as $1000.00 to big firms who can charge in upscale of $100,000.

To figure out the accurate ROI of your website, few variables should be kept in mind:

  • To create a website design project there is a certain amount of cost. This amount will vary on the type of the website you want to create and which will give you the criteria to measure your ROI.

Total hours x Hourly rate = Project Fee

  • Once the website is created then the maintenance cost is there for maintaining the website. These costs vary too. It depends on the marketing strategies you undertake.
  • The number of visitors to your site allows you to determine your ROI. One can see the positive results of web design project only if it is designed to be search engine friendly and Responsive Website design.
  • Conversion rates are related mutually to web design when traffic is more in the case of marketing. The sales which you make and the leads which you generate can help you in figuring out the investment made by your web design project.
  • You will start realizing the esteem of your website once you calculate the ROI. The value of the great website can drastically change your website.

The formula to calculate ROI for websites.

(S)R  CTR = V
V x CR = L
(L x CL) (P – Dc) = $
Where – S = Search Volume; L = Leads; R = Rank; P = Price
CTR = Click Through; CL = Closing Rate
V = Visits; Dc = Delivery Costs; CR = Conversion; $ = profit!

ROI of Website Design