Visitor Leaves your Website: Reasons Explained – Part 4

11) Product Benefits – Not Clear

Product will sell only when the features of the products are convincing enough, this will automatically sell the product. Let us study this with an example. See the below image.

bigcommerce web design
Which one would you prefer? See the intelligence used in the product marketing. The buyers did not cared about storage capacity but were excited to carry 1000 songs with them where ever they go. This pitched the buyers and rest is the history.

12) Encourage buyers to buy

As discussed earlier brilliant call to action are a must for any website. It urges the visitor to take an immediate action either to buy, to call, to mail or to click. Many small B2B sites fail to deliver such an action and lose their part of sales.

CTA’s are the vital vitamins for your sales and business at large they not only sell but also connects you with your buyer in different manner.

13) When your products don’t deliver what you promised

Imagine you are searching about cars and end up on a computer spare parts website. How embarrassing would it be? This exactly happens with your buyers when your promise and fail to deliver.

Visitor visits your landing page, email, newsletter etc. praising himself to have found a perfect solution and gets redirected to your site. When they come they get disappointed with what they see and click the back button.

Remember, don’t promise what you cannot deliver it will create a negative image in buyers mind.

14) Unresponsive Website

3 out of 5 purchases are transacted through mobile; that means mobile shopping contributes to 60% and you cannot afford to lose even a bit of that 60%. If your bigcommerce web design is not mobile optimized you can lose a heavy part of sales made on mobile devices. And not only sales but organic search performed through mobiles gadgets every second worldwide.

Well, addressing these issues will definitely enrich user experience and site performance at large. But these are only some of the factors responsible.

Concluding the 14 reasons that tempt visitor to run away from your website we hope that you might have grabbed the importance of each aspect of your website.

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8 Basics For A First Time Seller

We have entered the golden period of online business where internet has redefined the definition of business. It has become easier to launch & promote an online business, selling online goods and delivering them to local and international clients.
An online seller is now facilitated more with various sales platforms, designer templates, ecommerce sales tools and much more to grow his/her business.

Well, an online business is not a piece of cake anyway. Whether it is a website or an ecommerce store, it has several components that needs to be carefully executed otherwise you can crash land before a swift ride.

Today we will discuss 8 basic things that are to be taken care of when you plan an online store. Let’s see what they are:

#1 Identify Potential Customers
Before all the calculations, you have to identify whom you are going to sell? How will build your customer base? Ok let us make it easy for you. Ask a simple question to your self – Who will buy from me? Actually customers are categorized in various group like male, female, kids, teens, senior citizens, industries, small & big companies and so on.

The categorization of ideal customers will help you plan your product, marketing strategies & branding techniques.

Try to evaluate the requirements of this group with some basic questions like what exactly they need? Do they spend less or more? What type of people they are? You will get a clear picture of your would be customers.

This information will help you formulate important strategies in future.

#2 Why should they buy from you & not from others?
After precisely identifying customer group you will have to plan a unique selling point (USP) that will differentiate your product, business & brand from your competitors. You need to dig

“What you have that your competitors don’t have?”

There are and will be many sellers selling similar products or services. Why customers must buy from you instead of others selling the same?

Think from a customer point of view. Low cost, product quality, after sales services, unique product lines can give you great sales figures. Exhume such factors to sell more.

#3 Plan a business structure
There are distinct methods to do an online business. You can opt for individual trading, sole entrepreneur and partnership firm or incorporate a company itself. It depends on you, the country from where you will operate and those regions where you will sell.

Business plans shall not exclude local & international laws, because overlooking them might put you in serious consequences. Here you can take help of expert business consultants too.

#4 What is there in NAME?
If you are an online seller, everything is there in the name itself. You cannot speak to customers in the first instance; it is your brand name that will decide whether a buyer stays or flies away.

Brand name must be catchy, with a tagline, short enough to remember & rhyme-tic so that it is easily recognized.

Take help of professionals to do the job and come up with best possible, short phrase name.

#5 Select Best Sales Channel
Thanks to the entrepreneurs, today we have multiple online sales platforms out of which Bigcommerce is the most happening one for new sellers. It offers flexibility, great user interface, & variety of functions to help first time sellers to boost their confidence.

You can also go for custom bigcommerce templates service offered by designers at a very low cost to decorate your store. You can go with other options too available out there that suits better with your store. Do some research and get started.

#6 Payment Metho
Be flexible with payment methods. There are sellers who refer only PayPal or other popular services. Try and incorporate visa, MasterCard, bank transfer, debit & credit cards along with PayPal.

It depends on the sales channel that you subscribe with, what payment methods they opt for

#7 Marketing – A Mammoth Task
Online marketing is a complex, unpredictable & a risky business. Don’t panic, we didn’t meant to either. Once you open a store online you need to do marketing and attract visitors. Merely attracting visitors want do, you also need to convert visitors into buyers. How?

Prepare a marketing policy on how you will appear in front of your customers, your first impression will determine visitor to click across your store. SEO methods comprise of several online marketing formulas that kick start your sales. You can do these all by yourself, but appoint a professional to do it atleast in the beginning.

There are many online marketing service rendering companies & freelancers to do your job.

#8 A Great User Experience
Imagine if it was a physical shop instead of a virtual online store, what ambience you would offer to your customer. A good shopping atmosphere is the biggest USP of your online store. A slight sense of uncomfort will upset the buyer and urge him/her to switch over to someone else.

How this can be figured out? Let’s say you have a decent bigcommerce store, how will you increase you sales, conversion ratio, search rankings & online visibility? You need to worry, because there are more factors to look after apart from those mentioned here.

Well, this is not the scenario with custom bigcommerce templates. With these templates you can ace everything from sales to store visibility. Customized template designs are amicable enough to ease buying discomforts & give buyers an excellent shopping experience saving their time & your expenditure.

These customized templates are fully featured to perform in every aspect like marketing, branding, attracting visitors, payments, user friendly interface & over all dragging massive online traffic to your store.

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