Why Visitor Leave Your Bigcommerce Website – Part 1

bigcommerce design
You have pen down some really interesting piece of write ups on your Bigcommerce website and have uploaded great product images. Your overall Bigcommerce web design look is appealing as well as attracting the visitor.

You have hired experts to rank your site in prominent search engines and also getting manageable traffic. Last but not the least one, you also somehow managed to convert these visitors to buyers to mint some real cash.

After all these exercise why is it so that only few of the visitors convert in buyers and rest of them fly away?

Have you ever thought of the factors what tempts them to go away from your site? In this blog post we will discuss various factors related to the topic in parts.

Maintaining higher conversion rate really needs expertise and a combination of skills. If you have problem stabilizing buyers on your website then look for one of the following reasons.

Reasons why people dump your site?

1) Outdated Designs

Whether it is a book or a product, the normal human tendency and a research study has revealed the truth that we all purchase them by being attracted towards its packing.

The same theory lies with your Bigcommerce web design, but in a positive manner. If your design are outdated and unfriendly your visitor want proceed any more with you. He/she will immediately turn you down.

Hence an attractive design matters the most. If your site makes your visitors sick then it’s time for a redesign.

2) Readability of your content

Designing is not the only factor that can give you enough traffic, your content shall be readable enough and easy to understand so that a non technical person or a newbie to internet is comfortable to grab the central idea of your service or products.

Avoid these things while designing content

  • Large fonts with dark colors
  • Large fonts with highlighted colors
  • Over sized fonts
  • Uneven font size & font types

There are no specified rules for using fonts; it depends on the trend prevailing in the industry.

3) Outdated Plugins & Add-ons

Do not leave your visitor vulnerable towards these outdated Plugins & Add-ons because they want spare extra time to update them every now and then. Extra time term is used because waiting period also counts with updating time of the visitor.

Instead of using flash players use HTML5 of videos & animations. They are highly recommended by developers & designers universally.

Concluded in the next part. Continue Reading Part – 2