Bigcommerce: A Scalable And Powerful Ecommerce Solution

Bigcommerce is the scalable ecommerce solution which helps in growing brands faster. Most of the retailers chose Bigcommerce Design over other solutions in market. It’s a power booster for the success for the starters. Choose eFusionworld for stunning storefront templates, market leading selling tools and many other things.Bigcommerce Website DesignCustom Bigcommerce Store Design Templates makes it easy to establish a beautiful and indulging shopping experience. Your store will not only look good but by latest features and other options you can elevate sales of your online business.

Mobile responsiveness is always part of our templates, which helps in performing equally well on desktops, tablets and mobile phones without any extra coding or design work. eFusionworld also offers various options particularly search feature which enables filtering by product option to improve conversion.

We have all the current features and best practices you need to elevate sales whether you are using a theme or developing a custom site. You can increase your conversion rate up to 12% by our mobile optimized – single page checkout.

Thus, you can build a beautiful store with powerful tools to optimize shipping, payment and more in minutes.

Buyers’ Mindset – Understand It To Make A Strategy

Well, here you will come across some more amazing Bigcommerce Customer shopping stats. It might help you to reframe your strategies.
Custom Bigcommerce Design

Gender makes difference

Study reveals that males are more likely to leave their shopping cart than females. This number grows upto 47% provided there are sufficient serious or silly reasons.

Ages from 23 to 40 are worst shoppers online with high probability to go away without any purchase.

42.9 % females need more information to buy 1 product at a time. 98% sellers say it is easy to convince a female than a male. This is truly opposite & amazing.

You will not believe 1.5 out of 10 buyers are window shoppers that means 15% online buyers are just at your store for no reasons. These types of buyers increase an average footfall in your store.

52% buyers both male and females are cost conscious while buying online. They refer 3 out of 5 stores before they purchase from you.

Marketing Materials

They can be newsletters, e-brochures, helpful tips related to product or services they offer. But exactly do buyers require them in their mails?

Well, 55% buyers say NO and 90% online sellers believe it is a must thing to lure customers. Today you realized the truth. Many retailers don’t inform about auto adding the buyers for these marketing mails. Many end up in “SPAM” land.

E-coupons are good to attract and tempt buyers to purchase again and again. How many of them use it? The actual fact is only 24% uses coupons and deals offered online. Other 76% are not interested or no use to them.

89% buyers ask for discounts. They may wrap up the purchase process if seller has nothing to offer them in return. They say it’s just give & take.

Shipping & Payments

50% buyers are not interested to buy from you because of either high cost shipping or not offering free shipping. Everyone wants their product to be shipped at seller’s expense.

22% buyers prefer same day delivery of their purchase & 76% are comfortable if their purchase is delivered within a week. Rest 2% are least bothered about delivery conditions.

Buyers’ make 40% repeat purchase from a single store if they offer more than 1 payment option. 65% will discard the shopping process if they don’t find their preferred payment method on your store.

Being a seller you might have come across many of the situations mentioned above. You can avoid all these barriers if you wish. How? Contact us and ask for a custom bigcommerce design that has every single feature to grab more sales & visitors.

You can mail us your requirements too; we can discuss them in detail.