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Latest trend in shopping nowadays is towards Ecommerce. Selecting a right Ecommerce store design is most important first step you can take towards having your own web-store.  Only a perfect platform will yield in higher conversion resulting a long term success.

Bigcommerce Website Designer

Bigcommerce Store Design includes core functionality and are established with robust features. Bigcommerce is scalable solution provide you with flexibility to expand your business as needed. Design of your store is as important as the functionality. Well designed

Ecommerce store design reflects a message of trustworthiness and professionalism to the buyers.

To attract and appeal customers, eFusionWorld can provide services such as Custom Bigcommerce Designs. Your success is our success, so it is very important for us not only to provide designs but also to launch your Big-commerce website by providing you proper Ecommerce WebStore Solutions, which help you in acquiring new customers once your new web store gets launch.

EFusionWorld provides not only “smart” designs but also incorporates newest Bigcommerce Website Designs with responsive and mobile friendly layouts.

7 Benefits of LIVE Support Assistance!

Live support

Our eFusionWorld team has created a real time educating blog post on how bigcommerce sellers or any other online seller can be benefitted by live support feature. The basic idea behind live support assistance is to satisfy customer regarding their query or complains.

When you crawl a bigcommerce site to purchase your required stuff, you need a help with that and wish anyone could guide you through the process. Suddenly a shop assistant jumps to help you. Isn’t it amazing? How relived you feel at that time?

How online support or assistance help buyers physiologically? Well, they help in many ways; it can be in the form of live chat, a contact number, an email or a toll free number. A buyer feels relaxed when he is assured that someone will resolve their problems before or after sales if any.

If the buyer is satisfied with support assistance offered at your site your success is guaranteed.

Hence, let us check the 7 benefits of live assistance that guarantees success to a bigcommerce site.

Buyer is Happy

No matter what, a buyer wants his/her problems to be solved as soon as possible. If you do so on time and quickly the buyer is happy. This is what live support does, making the overall shopping experience of the buyer effortless.

Live Support is Proactive

Actually live support doesn’t require anything from your buyer. They neither need to write any email or keep waiting on call. They just need to address their query to the support assistance and get it resolved.

Live Support gives you maximum engagement with buyer

Yes, live support maximizes your chances of maximum conversation at every single query arising with the buyer. It is fast and practical giving you every opportunity to answer buyer’s questions and get in touch with them more.

More engagement with the buyers. How?

1)  By initiating talks with your buyer regarding their issues anytime
2)  By assisting buyers at the most critical step of purchase
3)  By detecting problematic areas of their purchase

A surprising benefit emerging out of this is – you will minimize buyer fleeing away rate. That means you can prevent buyer from cancelling their purchase by assisting them in their purchase process with live support.

Live Supports reinstates Trust factor

Live chat or live video calling gives you an identity. It helps buyers also to recognize you easily on any sales platform. One on one interaction between buyers and sellers strengthen the bond between them.

It is cost effective

Setting up a Live support assessment unit is not a rocket science and nor does it requires huge investment like other popular brands does. You save time, money & energy through a hands-on consumer’s live support cell.

Live support can get you Positive feedback

A happy buyer will always give you a positive feedback if his/her issues are addresses properly and immediately. These feeds can be used to improve user experiences on your site. These positive feeds will ultimately act as a guide to other buyers.

Live support enhances buyer’s experience

Buyers will gain access to use this particular feature anytime, anywhere they want. This will show your presence round the clock available all the time.

Consistency in online business always pays, giving your bigcommerce site a competitive edge. By giving instance support to buyers the bar of your customer service standards will sky-high and buyers shopping experience will also be enriched.

eFusionWorld is widely applauded designing company to give its buyers world class live support assistance 24×7 online.

Contact eFusionWorld for custom bigcommerce website design to increase positive feedbacks, sales and strong online recognition.

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Buyers’ Psychology – Everything You Need To Know

Read some interesting facts & stats about the mind set of your Bigcommerce Customer
bigcommerce design

Speed matters a lot

60% of online buyers will abandon your store if the store design is not loading speedily. The actual mechanism lies in “How smartly the store is designed”.

75% of buyers will never return to your store once you lost them. A custom bigcommerce design has that potentiality to do.

The Design

A buyer upon arriving at the store scans the entire page in less than 1 minute and makes the decision whether to purchase or not. Those 60 Seconds are the defining one.

90% buyers buying decision is influenced with graphical presentation on the store.

You tend to sale 68% more than others if you include multiple products, videos, HD images on your stores.

2 out of 10 products sold are cited to be returned due to very uncommon reasons like “it is not what I ordered”

90% buyers agreed on buying a product when they watched the demo video of the product.

45% buyers stay longer on your store if you enable them high quality images or videos.

67% buyers select your store to buy second time if you give them best demo of the product they are buying.

The Feedbacks

89% buyers prefer to read other buyers review before making a purchase online.

80% takes the review on personal note and decides whether to purchase from you or not.

Online buyers if they are making a decision to purchase any product, they will read more than 8 similar product reviews. They will atleast search 3 to 4 similar stores to read more of them.

Why an order gets canceled?

36% buyers cancel their order because of hidden cost which is revealed afterwards.

Registration headache is the 2nd largest turn off factor where more than 39% buyers switch over to your competitors. 10% turn off is responsible due to uncertain delivery details.

8.9% due to “NO Contact details” & 2% due to other reasons.

Buyers get frustrated because 50% ecommerce sellers repeatedly ask for same information which is provided by the buyer just a couple of minutes ago.

Well, search for yourself in which category do you fall. Ask whether you are having a custom bigcommerce design for your online store? If yes then where you lack? If no, then what is the reason of not having one?

Stay tuned to the blog series because we have lot more interesting facts and figures to come.